Commitment To The Preventive Dentistry Way,

         Honesty With Yourself,

         Transparency With Others,

         Understand The Problems That Can Occur In The Mouth,

         Learn The Causes Of  Dental Problems,
Eliminate The Causes Of Dental Disease,

         Activate Teamwork To  Achieve Health for All Dental Structures,

         Invest In Quality HealthCare Education & Prevention,

         End Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Once & For All,

         Avoid The Hazards Of Smokeless Tobacco & Tobacco,

         See The Dentist Regularly...At Least Every Six-Months Beginning At Age One,

         Prevent Costly Chronic Dental Disease To Save Money Over A Lifetime,

         Maintain Or Renew That Youthful Smile Within You,

         Stay Dentally & Physically Healthy,

         Bond With Preventive HealthCare Professionals!