A Quality Oral Hygiene Program



Solve Dental Problems That Are Often Ignored to Achieve Optimal Oral Health for All Dental Structures! 


Priority #1: Establish a Quality Oral Hygiene Program.  The goal is to effectively remove plaque from in-between the teeth & around all dental structures mornings & evenings, every twelve-hours, allowing the body's immune system to maintain the best dental health possible.  Mouth cleanliness means having a plaque-free mouth every twelve hours so optimal dental health lifestyles can become reality!  


What is a good oral hygiene program?  Mornings & evenings, clean the teeth by flossing, dry brushing, brushing with fluoride toothpaste, using in-between the teeth interproximal brushes such as Gum Go-Betweens, soft-picks & then rinse with Crest Pro antimicrobial rinse in the morning & ACT fluoride rinse in the evening.  Prevent the progression of costly irreversible dental disease. 


What was the recommended oral hygiene program of the past?  In the past people were taught to brush after each meal thinking that brushing alone would prevent dental disease.  In reality brushing by itself didn't do anything to stop the progression of chronic to acute dental disease & the need for costly dental procedures. 


Priority #2: Begin Dental-Healthcare For Children At Age One.  Parent's are encouraged to take their children to the dentist on or before the child's first birthday.  Children should see the dentist regularly every six-months, thereafter, through life.  Early childhood dental visits give children a good dental experience & begin a lifetime journey of health excellence for all dental structures & living with a sparkling white smile. 


Priority #3: Establish Individualized Treatment Planning Dental treatment planning creates a dental blueprint for achieving optimal health for the entire mouth & whole-person health.  Dental disease, don't fight it without a plan...don't fight it alone. 


Priority #4: Establish Financial Arrangements.  Coordinate family dental budgeting with dental insurance benefits.


Priority #5: Stay regular with six-month recare appointments and/or three-month periodontal maintenance appointments throughout life.



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James J Blado, DDS