IF YOU COULD WAKE UP tomorrow morning and magically have the perfect smile, how would your life be different?


The Perfect Smile That Lasts


Saving Teeth Adds Years to People’s Lives!  


Maintain an appropriate morning & evening preventive oral home care program.

Replace bad habits with good habits.

Eat fruits and vegetables.

Exercise daily.

Maintain an appropriate body mass index.

Don't smoke.

Don't chew tobacco.

See your dentist & physician regularly.

Get a balance between work, play, faith & family, (The Cross of Life).

Know yourself, know others, have knowledge & apply knowledge, (The Cross of Work).

Surround yourself with motivated people having a passion for excellence.

Get creative at work.

Do something fun.

Good Luck!

                            LUMISmiles by Design

                                                     Permanent Beautiful Smile

                                                                        James J Blado, DDS