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Dr. Robert Barkley, DDS, Dentist, Author, Educator, 1930-1978, Author of Successful Preventive Dentistry taught a preventive philosophy of Co-Discovery, Co-Examination, Co-Diagnosis, Co-Treatment, Co-Financing that achieves health for all dental structures.

Dr. L. D. Pankey, DDS, 1900-1989, Dentist, Author of Philosophy Of Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry taught a preventive philosophy of complete dentistry that achieves optimal dental health for all dental structures. 

Dr. Charles C Bass, MD, Medical/Dental Researcher, 1875-1975, Scientist, Educator, Teacher, Physician, Dean of Tulane Medical School, Author of The Introduction & Beginnings Of Germ Theory & The Father of Preventive Dentistry researched and taught a philosophy of preventive dentistry that demonstrated bacteria multiply rapidly in an exponential manner & double their population every twenty minutes to twelve hours and removal of these plaque germs every twelve hours from around all dental structures removes & controls plaque germs that so often cause chronic/acute active dental disease; thereby, eliminating the need for enormous amounts of costly dental services.




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The Dental Prevention Plan:  Practice an ounce of prevention every twelve hours for total germ control designed to prevent enormous amounts of dental disease and avoid costly dental services!

Bacteria/plaque/germ colonizations/biofilm-build-up, around dental structures, causes enormous amounts of unnecessary dental disease.  Uncontrolled plaque is the major cause of most chronic to acute dental disease.  The goal is to prevent dental disease by removing this germ colonization from around all dental structures at least every twelve hours. 

The goal is that everyone enjoy having health for all dental structures, a white sparkling smile throughout life & whole-person wellness.


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