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The Dr. Bass Method Of Preventive Dentistry


Can You Handle The Truth?


James J Blado, DDS


The truth is...some strange things grow inside our mouths & bodies.  What's growing inside you?  You might not know it, but your body & mouth could be playing host to a fascinating variety of living things...including plaque bacteria biofilm that causes tooth decay and gum disease.  Read on about the plaque bacteria biofilm colonization that grow around & inside the dental structures...if you dare.  Plaque bacteria biofilm shouldn't grow inside of you, but they do.  Your body is not a temple, but also a motel that hosts some surprising guests. 

Following are some pieces of information about what's going on in people’s mouths and what the cure is.  Here's a hint for the cure...prevention (preventive dentistry)!  For more information call (608) 372-3261.


The truth is "A clean tooth does not decay, periodontoclasia pyorrhoea, now called periodontitis/gingivitis, does not occur about a clean tooth".  This position paper was presented to Tulane University Medical School, May 1963, by Dr. Charles C. Bass, M.D, The Father of Preventive Dentistry---Yes, 1963!  Dr. Charles C. Bass, M.D. (1875-1975) is known as "The Father of Preventive Dentistry".  He was a scientist, educator, teacher, physician, author, medical & dental researcher & Dean of Tulane University Medical School 1922-1940.  Dr. Bass researched the causes of tooth decay and gum disease, chronic to acute active dental diseases, & arrived at a cure between the years 1940 to 1975.

In May 1943, Dr. Charles C Bass, MD went public with his dental disease findings by publishing "Prevention of the Loss of Teeth" in The Mississippi Doctor.  He laid out much of the case he would spend the rest of his life building, though his solutions would take shape over the next few years.  Yes, in 1943!  In those first few hundred words "Prevention of the Loss of Teeth", Dr. Bass asserted the following:

That "Caries and periodontoclasia are virtually universal diseases of man, and without proper care almost everyone will lose some or all of their teeth"---(1) page 39.*


That "Few people know how to stop this process because dentists have not told them"---(2) page 39.* That "Poor dental health resulted in poor overall health, as anyone who has ever had a toothache can attest"---(3) page 40.*  Now certain of the causes of disease (1953), Dr. Bass would soon create the cure---(4) page 38.*  During the next few years, he would develop two laws: "A clean tooth does not decay. Periodontoclasia does not occur about a clean tooth"; and "You must clean your teeth right with the right kind of both toothbrush and dental floss every night before retiring."---(5) page 38.*


*The above information was taken from the book titled Dr. Charles Bass and the Bass Method--One Man's Crusade to End Tooth Decay and Gum Disease, by Dr. Wayne Lott with Steve Brawner, Copyright 2004.


Unfortunately The Dr. Bass Method of Prevention to "End Tooth Decay and Gum Disease" was never embraced or heralded by the powers that be, right up to the present time, children & adults are still living with the costly ravages of these diseases.  The Dr. Bass Method of Prevention fell on deaf ears even though it offered great benefits, rewards & cost savings to mankind, businesses, communities, families & governments.  It's a shame that today's people still have to live with these preventable diseases!   Why?


It's time to have a National Conversation and dialogue on The Dr. Charles C Bass Preventive Dentistry Method to "End Tooth Decay and Gum Disease" and herald the benefits of "Comprehensive Dentistry Services using complete treatment planning, thorough diagnostic recordkeeping and computerized documentation designed to help everyone achieve optimal dental health excellence for All dental structures.  You can be a part of this conversation...call (608) 372-3261 today.


Winning Smiles Dentistry's newly remodeled & expanded dental facility is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art digital and computerized technology, equipment and recordkeeping systems and the most dedicated and career oriented professional team available to help families achieve the most comprehensive dental health possible & to end tooth decay and gum disease once and for all. 

People go to healthcare professionals expecting to stay or become healthy & expecting to receive the very best quality services available.  Winning Smiles Dentistry will never let you down; and, further, we will continue to be a messenger for optimal dental healthcare from one generation to the next.


It's evident there is no room for such words as "retirement" here at Winning Smiles Dentistry!  We love people.  We love providing quality general dentistry services!  We love promoting the "No Decay and Gum Disease" preventive dentistry message!  We love what we're doing!  We have helped many people with an honest assessment of their current dental health conditions and treatment planning and we look forward to continuing this focus long into the future.  Who's helping you?  May we help you?


Keep watching for The Common-Sense "Big Smiles" Learning Center public announcements for more optimal dental health information.  If you have questions about anything you've read, heard or learned on this website or suggestions you've heard within your communities, please contact me at (608) 372-3261.  Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for your continued confidence in me and my professional services and the growth, expansion & modernization of Winning Smiles Dentistry!



James J Blado, DDS